Laverne Ulmer was born at Hazen, North Dakota on July 11, 1918. He entered the United States Army at Fort Lincoln, North Dakota on December 22, 1938. He died July 28, 1942 at the Prisoner of War camp at Cabanatuan, Philippines. Motions were made and seconded that a post be formed and that the chairman select a nominating committee, from the group assembled. Those serving on the committee were George Ulmer, Philip Wiseman and Ernie Tollefson. Clifford G. Zellerwas born in Leith, North Dakota on November 1, 1921.

Following the completion of the memorial monument, legion members felt a suitable background was in order. In 2008, the legion members built a new outside wall with cement board on the east and north sides of the building for the murals of faceless silhouettes painted mainly in black and yellow. These murals depict the 10 wars from the Revolutionary War through the Global War on Terror, with the 11th mural showing a soldier at the grave of a fallen comrade. The entire memorial consists of the murals, the monument, flag poles, eagle statues, benches, landscaping and spot lights. The work was done by the monument committee along with the help of Terrance Peterka and Larry Baker. Drivers will get a good view of the memorial by driving through Pisek on Walsh County Road 15, and coming from the north on County Road 12A. Joseph Kachena was born at Pisek, North Dakota on April 11, 1907. He is buried at the Catholic Cemetery in Pisek, North Dakota.

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These young men are very active at the local and state levels. A special meeting was held on April 4, 1973, to select a building. The building was purchased from Farmland Industries, Inc., at a cost of $11,547 erected. The concrete work for the slab, with underthe-floor plumbing and a septic tank, cost $4,650. To finance the building, $20,000 was borrowed with 15 Legionnaires signing notes at the Grafton National Bank. In 1993, we had a new concrete memorial erected in the Page Cemetery. The memorial was dedicated to the men and women who have served their country. The new memorial replaced one that was crumbling and did not have a fitting inscription.

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Department Commander C. L. Dawson attended our regular meeting on March 31, 1920, gave an enjoyable address and helped us get started in organizing a Women’s Auxiliary here. Our post had charge of the Fourth of July celebration in the city of Larimore this year and our Buddies showed plenty of “pep.” Mrs. W. C. Peterson served as our Auxiliary’s first ( ) unit president. In 1989 and 1990, the post and the city of New Salem mounted a plaque on a native stone found south of New Salem. The monument, which was dedicated on Memorial Day 1990, honors all men and women who served in thte armed forces. The monument is located next to the city auditorium, where the national and North Dakota flags are flown 24-hours a day. Edward Alfred Miller was born at Sanger, North Dakota on November 27, 1891. He was inducted into the United States Army at Center, North Dakota on February 25, 1918. He served overseas from May 2, 1918 until his death on September 15, 1918. His remains were returned to the United States on October 31, 1921 and he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery .

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Bingo and dances were held here for several years when, in 1972, work was begun on an addition to the present building. The labor force of volunteers came from the post, except for the excavation and heating work. The Langdon Post 98 received its national organizational charter on November 24, 1919. National headquarters issued a charter for this new post on November 24, 1919, but it was not until January 28, 1920, that a permanent organization was formed. The post is among the very few in the state named after an area serviceman not killed in battle-front action or dying from injuries received while in wartime action.

All of the money was used to support the baseball program and other worthwhile needs in the area. The Legion holds Memorial services at cemeteries at Brampton, Old Sargent, Mt. Calvery, Stirum and Harlem each year on Memorial Day. The color guard, firing squad and other post members take part in the service. Bronze grave markers are provided for each veteran’s grave and a flag is placed in each one on Memorial Day. Columns were erected many years ago in each cemetery in honor of veterans, and a wreath is placed at the base during the service in honor of the veterans who have been laid to rest.

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In 1970, Stensgard took on the production of Legion-sponsored wrestling with help from wrestling Coach Jerry Larson at Agassiz Junior High School. After the first meet at Agassiz, the tournament rotated to a different Fargo public school each year until 1977. Since then, the meet has been held in the Bison Sports Arena on the North Dakota State University campus in Fargo. Stensgard and South High School wrestling coach Lynn Forde and past Post 2 Commander Pete Bilstad are largely responsible for having about 900 grade through high school boys participate each year. Contestants have come from all over North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and parts of Canada. From 250 boys and girls enrolled in the spring of 1978, the soccer program and facilities has expanded to serve more than 2,900 Fargo and Moorhead children into 1994. They have provided for us the gift of a free and abundant life in these United States. We live under a mantle of freedom provided to us by these same people whose names are inscribed on this monument.

With the alleys gone, the basement was remodeled in 1960 to make it useable for meetings and open houses. Initially chartered as Hankinson Post 88, the post was renamed April 11, 1922, in honor of Stanislaw Peter Eberhard, who was born June 14, 1896, at Brickentahl, Austria. A farmer in the Hankinson area, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen before he enlisted September 14, 1917, in the U.S. His unit, Company I, First Infantry, North Dakota National Guard, at Wahpeton, was sent overseas three months later. Joining the American forces in Europe, he was killed in action July 21, 1918, just seven months after bidding farewell to his adopted homeland.

He is buried in the American Cemetery at Meuse-Argonne, France. Post 18 is indeed proud of its Auxiliary unit, which was organized in 1920. The Auxiliary’s enthusiastic support and cooperation with the post over the years in serving the community have been outstanding and reflect upon the success of both organizations. In the early years of existence the members met in various places in Hope as they did not have their own facility. In 1952 the post purchased the liquor Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota store building from Vincent Pederson for use as their clubrooms. This building was used until 1968 when the post leased the City Auditorium for their clubrooms. The big move was made in 1975 when the post occupied its present facility. The building also houses the Post Office and a beauty shop which bring in revenue for the post. The addition of this fine facility to the main street of Hope has brought many functions to this area that otherwise would be held elsewhere.

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He served overseas in France from August 11, 1918 until he was killed in action on September 26, 1918. He is buried at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery France. The post has also provided a post service officer for veterans and their dependents. The Legionnaires proceeded to make the building ready for occupancy, and dances were the main entertainment sponsored by the post. American Legion Post 46 is alive and doing well in Killdeer, North Dakota. In recent years, the post has exchanged meetings and social get-togethers with the Boissevain neighbors in Canada. The membership of the Bottineau post has fluctuated since 1919, from its lowest point of 54 in 1933 to its highest of 316 in 1954.

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The post was named after the first soldier killed in service from the Dawson area. Olaf Fiskewas born at Colfax, North Dakota on January 4, 1895. He was inducted at Wahpeton, North Dakota on April 28, 1918. He is buried at the American Cemetery, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. In January of 1918, a War Drive Committee was organized in Mountain to obtain monthly pledges to help the war effort. Fundraising activities have consisted of smokers, Memorial Day dinners, raffles and proceeds from charitable gaming.

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He entered the United States Marine Corps in Minneapolis, Minnesota May 21, 1942. On September 5, 1970, our post assisted with military rites for Specialist Fifth Class Larry Jacobson of Norma. Members of the honor guard and color guard were at Minot’s airport to receive the body when it arrived. Larry’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Jacobson of Norma, presented a picture of Larry to the post to be hung in a place of honor in the Veterans rooms of the Memorial Hall.

The cooperation of the Auxiliary has greatly contributed to the success of American Legion programs. The records will show that American Legion Post 137 of Ellendale, ND, has always been an active and effective organization in the community. The American Legion has sponsored and supported many projects over many years. Ole Semeling Jr. was born in Valders, Norway on June 6, 1893.

  • World War II inductees would assemble at Minot’s Soo Line Depot to depart for military duty.
  • His special interest is having a team so that all area young people will have the opportunity to participate in the great American Legion baseball program.
  • It is especially important when someone faces an emergency, medical treatment, or some utility breakage.

We know the post finally received the rifles, but we don’t know when. And we still do not know who the ticket sellers were who drank the $2 worth of whiskey. In 1935 Post 179 was involved financially in securing land to build the Milton Dam; that was built by the CCC. All through the years we find strong support of children and youth programs. In various years Post 179 fielded a Legion Baseball team. Seeing the need for this sport, the post purchased land and recently installed new fence. Post 179 has had strong support from a great Auxiliary unit in so many ways. The unit furnished the post home, recognizes the annual Legion birthday in March with a party and serves a meal on Memorial Day, plus a lot of other support. There was a need for a modern Post Office in Milton, so the building was built accordingly, with two front doors and a 20×30 portion being rented to the Postal Service. It is a great asset for the post to receive the monthly rental check.

May 9, 1920 Please send outline to follow for Decoration Day. We will be marching to the cemetery in uniform (one and one half miles; temperatures?) In wool uniforms. Frederick C. Peter Roll was born at Murdock, Minnesota on June 23, 1894. He was inducted at Minnewaukan, North Dakota on June 27, 1918.

Leonard Hoffart spent many hours as entertainment chairman and, later, sergeant-at-arms until 1993. Bernard A. Wagner has been the post’s veteran’s service officer, helping many veterans. Many used veterans’ benefits for college and farm school, and some joined the National Guard and reserve units. Maybe slow to get organized, the Minto Legionnaires soon developed a sense of pride and dedication. The Minto Post 201, initially the Wirkens-Callahan Post 201, received its national organizational charter on January 27, 1921. The John Reger Post 199 received its national organizational charter on November 29, 1920. In a March 23, 1923 letter from acting Post Adjutant E. L. Hicks to Department Adjutant Jack Williams, Adjutant Hicks relates how that the Legionnaires of Post 199 no longer wish to continue the Post.

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